Matched Betting: Risk Free Profit?

Updated 15th November 2019

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I expect there are a lot of people out there who believe when it comes to gambling, the bookie always wins, and 99% of the time they would be right. However, there are ways of beating the bookie. One of which is simply being good at betting, and this takes constant research and lots of discipline but will always have that element of risk attached to it. The other removes that risk element, puts you in complete control of the situation, and is a process known as "Matched betting", which if carried out correctly will generate you significant amounts of risk free profit.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it is true, and more and more people are using this process to their advantage, and during this post I will explain how matched betting works, how it makes you money, and point you in the direction of a website which will help you earn a regular and consistent profit each month.


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What is matched betting?

Ok, so what is matched betting and how can it make people money? Matched betting is a process, which enables you to take advantage of the numerous free bet offers that the vast majority of online bookies are using to attract new customers. Betting sites will often offer free bet rewards ranging from £20 to £200+ for new customers. On top of that, matched betting also takes advantage of existing customer "reload offers", these are offers such as in-play offers, and refund offers, made to existing betting site customers to try and entice them to be more active on the betting site. Therefore it benefits those of you who already have a few betting accounts as well as those new to online betting. In fact it's the "reload offers" that will consistently generate profit for you month after month.

The way matched betting works is as follows. You place a qualifying bet in order to activate the free bet offer, and in order to do that without losing money, you have to bet both for and against a certain event to happen. For example, you can bet for Team A to win at any online bookmaker, but you will need to bet against Team A winning (known as the "lay bet") at an online betting exchange. In doing so, any risk of losing money is prevented because the two bets cancel each other out (bar some minor odds differences and commissions).

Then once the free bet has been activated, the key to extracting that free bet money and the guaranteed profit is to repeat the process of 'matching' a bet, however this time making use of the free bet rather than your own money. Then whatever the outcome of the event, you are guaranteed to win actual money, which can be withdrawn into your account.


How can I maximise the amount of profit?

The key to maximising the amount of profit you can make from this approach is by doing it correctly and having access to all of the best offers available, and this is where a specialist "Matched betting" website comes in.

Matchedbets is a specialist "Matched betting" website, which currently has over £1000 worth of bookie welcome offers available on site. However it's the on-going customer betting promotions that's the real steady income provider, these can be used every day to generate a sustainable monthly income. Now the reason I recommend this site is because in the past I've seen sites charging ridiculous prices for this kind of service, I'm talking three figure sums per month, and it's because they know they can guarantee people profit so there will be people willing to pay. However, Matchedbets only charge £18 a month or £149 per year for a service, which can make members a regular and consistent profit each month.

On top of that, Top Football Tipster users have the chance to get 14 days full access for only £1, which enables you to test the service completely, giving unrestricted access to all tools and offers, which have the potential to make you up to £1000 profit. Now I can assure you that is amazing value for this quality of service.



What does the Matchbets service have to offer?

This specialist service is extremely impressive, and below are some of the features makes them stand out from other matched betting sites:

  • They have a fully mobile-optimised site allowing their members to do matched betting on the move or away from their PC. With all of their tools such as the odds matcher, AccaBackers etc all being fully optimised for mobile devices. 
  • Live chat support on top of email support and our forum is available 7 days a week. 
  • The odds in their calculator and odds matcher are updated in real time, meaning no page refreshes are needed to check the odds haven't changed before placing bets.  
  • They have an Embedded odds matcher in offer guides so users don't have to leave the page to find matches for a particular offer. The embedded odds matcher is pre-configured to each offer so it will only show matches relevant to the offer and set by the offers T&C's such as minimum odds, specific markets etc. 
  • Their unique bet tracker tool tracks all bet activity automatically. This keeps track of bet details and profits and displays them on the users' dashboard. This feature means no more keeping track of your bets with spreadsheets. 
  • They have a great ACCA tool named 'AccaBackers' which allows users to earn even more from matched betting using accumulator offers very easily. There are more and more accumulator offers being offered and this has turned out to be a great asset for matched bettors. 
  • They have also recently launched their new Horse Racing Matcher tool, which makes finding matches and profiting from horse racing offers a breeze. This tool has received excellent feedback from members. 
  • Over £1,000 worth of guaranteed profit listed in the welcome offers & much more in the reload offers page, which is updated daily. We also have a daily offers calendar, which displays the offers for each day and for the week ahead to keep members organised. 
  • And last but not least, they offer great value monthly and annual subscriptions, which are lower than many of their competitors (£18 monthly & £149 yearly).


We hope this has given you some useful insight into the benefits of matched betting and how it can be used to make some significant amounts of profit, which will well and truly get the better of the bookmakers.

If you're interested to see some of the free bets offers available from the top bookmakers, you can find them on our Free Bets page.


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