Does Tottenham's future lie with Postecoglou?

8th May 2024

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Ange Postecoglou looks set to take Tottenham to fifth place this season, at the beginning of the season and being his debut season in the Premier League perhaps he and the fans would have taken that. After all let's look at the 2022/23 season and we see an 8th place finish notwithstanding the team finished on 60 points which is what they have now right now, however with three games to go. But there seems to be a tinge of disappointment to proceedings for the famed London club. The season before in 2022 they managed 71 points and in 2019 had reached a Champions League final, it looks almost certain as we head into the final couple of weeks of the season that Tottenham won't even qualify for the competition. 

Tottenham have had good moments, mostly at home but they have lost a lot of games and imploded and it has been the nature of this that hurts the most. When Postecoglou got the job the hype came with him, change looked afoot, a calmness came over the club in the exiting madness of Antonio Conte, but what has changed? Tottenham are still doing the 'spursy' and we have seen plenty of examples of this. It's all well beating Aston Villa, your biggest rival 4-0 at their place but if you can't follow that up and then end up slipping seven points behind them that just smells of trouble. This past weekend Aston Villa were beaten. This was the moment to see the real Tottenham. Albeit they were playing Liverpool away from home but Liverpool were on the ropes after blowing a league title run in and yet Tottenham reverted back to normal shelf life, rinse and repeat and were 4-0 down by half time. Don't buy into the mini comeback which they also performed against Arsenal. You can't go 3 and 4 goals down and then wake up and start playing football, that's just useless. So Postecoglou may not be the manager that Tottenham are looking for after all. Perhaps the alarm bells should ring that he should enter the best league in Europe at the age of 58- where was he before if he was really any good? However some judgement needs to be put to one side, the Australian will get that next season. It seems difficult that if he isn't given time and that doesn't exist in football that he will get the job done at the club. They seem to have too many Tottenhammy players, yes that's a new word invented right here. Richarlison doesn't score enough goals- his level was at Everton in the bottom to mid half of the table; it wasn't for teams trying to challenge for a league or top four position. Heung Min-Son is one of the greatest players on the planet for two weeks out of a season, and we could go on and on. Consistency has haunted former Tottenham sides, and it seems to be hanging around for a sequel and perhaps even a trilogy….

David Moyes is leaving West Ham which is a polite way to say he has been sacked and that will be made official on May 19th. What a year is like in football to a winner in Europe, achieving West Ham's first trophy in 43 years to a P45. Does Moyes deserve to go? Well his biggest failing has been caution, and as everyone knows even if the Hammers are not winning week in and week out they traditionally have never played with caution. This made the fans angry and they quickly turned against him and it is true watching some of their games this season has been like watching paint dry. But Moyes did deliver in Europe, even playing in the competitions has been quite something from the club, but perhaps even if he did create history for them Moyes and West Ham were never the best of fits. It will be interesting to see who comes in next and Moyes may well keep an eye on who that is. However the perverse nature of Hammer fans means that if they finish in mid-table next season but are not boring to watch that will be deemed as getting their club back. Interesting.

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