Liverpool embarrass Man Utd 7-0!

7th Mar 2023

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This past weekend has been dominated by one result and that is of course Liverpool's thrashing of Manchester United at Anfield as the Reds turned on the style to win 7-0. It was an incredible result and United simply folded once Liverpool found the first goal. It is incredible to think that for the first 43 minutes Erik ten Hag's side were in the game and the score was 0-0, but in the next 46 minutes the goals reigned in.

Liverpool are finding more form akin to their old selves in the Premier League over the past month but overall Jurgen Klopp's side have had a nightmare season so far when we look at how high they have set the bar over the past five seasons or so. It felt that this team were taking all of their frustrations out in this one game and if you are going to appease your fans then do it against Manchester United. This result is even better than beating Everton by the same score line given where the Toffees are in the league the narrative would have been different. But United are frankly hated around these parts and only last week they were being touted as having an outside chance of the league title and had only lost 1 game in their last 22 in all competitions. Under Ten Hag United have been reborn and it is important that they do not get carried away with such a game. 

No one wants to pull the plug out of the party but one game doesn't erase Liverpool's poor season. In fact in scoring 7 goals past Manchester United in a way it increases the pressure on the players to go on a classic Liverpool run. Klopp's side play Bournemouth next and if they were not able to put in a convincing display against the Cherries then this game is resigned to bragging rights rather than a step forward. For now though it is perhaps correct to say that the sleeping giant has awoken. Ten Hag has seemed like an easy target this season and while he did get off to a negative start followed by the Cristiano Ronaldo fall out the Dutch man has been near flawless since winning the first trophy of the season in the Carabao Cup and establishing United as a top 3 side. You have to wonder how being thrashed by seven goals is going to affect the players but under Ten Hag it is probably easier to believe that they will recover and move on from a result that they have to believe was a freak one.

Congratulations need to go to Mohamed Salah who passed Robbie Fowler's goalscoring record in the Premier League with a goal in this game to take his tally to 129. Much has been made of it and certainly Salah has deserved it and has been one of the great players that the Reds have had in their ranks. However it would be nice for the media to remember that football existed before 1992. Granted the headlines have mentioned that Salah's record is a Premier League record and that is fine, but why not also include within the article who has the all time record? It feels as if the history of football is being swept under the carpet not to mention that an all time record exists. That record belongs to the great Roger Hunt who scored 115 more goals than Salah and has 244. In fact on the all time league goals list for the Reds Salah would only come in at 6th place, maybe some perspective is needed. This isn't to show a lack of respect to Salah but it is to show some respect to players who played before the league was rebranded and changed name. It is the current same situation for Tottenham with Harry Kane being recognised as the clubs top goal scorer, which isn't true he has scored 268 goals the same as Jimmy Greaves, granted he will pass it but he's already been given an award and accepted it and it just seems wrong. It is worth noting that in league goals only Greaves is still 19 ahead of Kane and if Kane does leave Tottenham this summer as some have suggested then that is a record that will not be broken.

Newcastle United are having the worst moment of their season and will need to pick themselves back up quickly if they are to finish in the top four. Up until two weeks ago the Magpies had lost just once and were in 4th place they have now lost 3 times and also lost in the final of the Carabao Cup. Is the season finally unravelling for a side who look lethargic? If they fail to beat Wolves at the weekend their top four hopes will be damaged but for now they hold a little advantage as they have two games in hand over some of their direct rivals but it does seem ominous seeing Liverpool pass them in the league.

To finish in the top four (not including Arsenal and Manchester City): Manchester United 1.10, Liverpool 2.00, Tottenham 3.00, Newcastle 3.75, Brighton 8.00

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