Man City not crowned yet + Old Trafford protests

4th May 2021

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No one at Manchester City will admit it, but despite not becoming champions this past weekend they will be happy. That sentence sounds like it doesn't make any sense, but let's take a closer look at City's diary. Manchester City did the business yet again recording their 25th win of the season with a 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace on Saturday. The day after Manchester United and Liverpool were scheduled to play, if Liverpool had won, City would be champions. That game was postponed and never played for reasons stated further on in the article. However just imagine that the game had gone ahead and Liverpool won. City champions again, but who would have been celebrating at the club, or who would have been allowed? Just put that champagne on ice when you have a Champions League semi-final 2nd leg to play against PSG a few days later. Truly, whatever this week conjures up for City, winning the title this weekend against Chelsea would feel that much better, and if the title doesn't come against the Blues then it will the following weekend. Great team, deserving the title, bad timing.

Moving on and one of the great English fixtures could not take place on Sunday between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford because United's fans had broken into the ground and were actually on the pitch protesting for the removal of the Glazers- the owners of United. The passion and anger is still evidently there for the fans against a Super League. One has to wonder though if the truth is more deep rooted than the whole Super League fiasco and is more to do with a coming together, an almost primal right of way that has been denied to fans because of Covid-19. The Glazers are going nowhere, the worry for the fans easily caught on camera is that they are and inevitably will surely be facing some sort of ban by their club.

And what punishment will United face by the FA? Fans invading the ground leading to a non game. Following on from signing up to the Super League will the club be quaking in their boots over the coming weeks for the punishments that should be laid out or do they instead have a speed dial to the supreme court which has proven to be more powerful in the past than the FA and UEFA combined. The lack of action and silence from both associations towards the so called teams associated with the Super League has been startling and deafening.

Leicester slipped up to Southampton and drew at St Mary's 1-1 against 10 men, a ground which last season they won 9-0. Chelsea won the west London derby to increase the pressure on the Foxes for 3rd place. Both West Ham and Tottenham are not giving up either. Tottenham easily beat Sheffield United 4-0 and Gareth Bale scored a fantastic hat-trick just to remind everyone how good he can still be. The Hammers played well to come back from a goal down to beat Burnley 2-1 and keep their top four hopes alive.

To finish top 4 latest odds: Leicester 1.25, Chelsea 1.30, Liverpool 3.25, West Ham 5.00, Tottenham 9.00

Finally Everton have blown their chances now for a top four finish as they lost their 8th game at home this season to Aston Villa. One has to wonder if the fans were present would manager Carlo Ancelotti be under pressure? Everton have done ever so well away from home but based on home form the club would be 15th.

Premier League team of the week: Ederson, Mendy, Cancelo, Dunk, Silva, Mount, Bale, Havertz, Gross, Son, Antonio

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