Gambling Frequency Revealed in New Research Survey

4th September 2023

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In a recent research paper conducted by SevenJackpots Casino, a comparison platform, a comprehensive exploration of gambling behaviour among Indian adults has uncovered intriguing insights.

The survey, which covered multiple states including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Assam, provides a unique window into the world of gambling habits and preferences. 


Frequency of Online Gambling in India

Frequency of online gambling

The study's findings unveil a diverse spectrum of gambling engagement among Indian adults. 

Impressively, while 33.7% of respondents indicate sporadic participation in gambling, a considerable 40.3% engage in gambling on a weekly basis.

It is noteworthy that 32% of these weekly gamblers play two or more times a week, with an additional 6.4% embracing gambling as a daily pursuit. 

Intriguingly, 26% of participants report gambling only 1-2 times per month, highlighting the distinctive behaviours shaped by game availability and preferences.


Time Investment in Gambling Per Session

Weekly time investment in online gambling

A closer examination of the time dedicated to gambling activities reveals a nuanced picture. 

Approximately 47.9% of respondents allocate no more than five hours per week to gambling, indicating a predominantly recreational approach to the practice. 

This suggests that for a significant portion of participants, gambling is one facet of a multifaceted recreational landscape. 

On the other hand, a majority of 52% invest more substantial time, with 20% committing 11-20 hours per week to their gambling endeavours.


From Sporadic to Weekly - Mapping the Rhythms of Gambling in India

The research survey conducted by SevenJackpots has shed light on the intricate patterns of gambling behaviour among Indian adults. 

The findings underscore the diverse range of engagement, from sporadic participation to more frequent involvement, highlighting the various ways individuals interact with gambling as a form of entertainment.

It is striking to note that a significant proportion of respondents, 40.3%, engage in gambling on a weekly basis, with a notable 32% of them participating two or more times a week. 

Moreover, the exploration of time investment reveals a balanced dichotomy, with almost half of the participants dedicating limited hours per week, portraying gambling as a leisurely pursuit. 

In contrast, the remaining 52% commit more substantial time, indicating a deeper involvement with the practice.

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